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Open Scholarship

I believe that scholarship should have a wide readership, one that goes beyond the walls of the academy. My own dissertation is openly available, and I encourage other researchers to be more open with their work.

Open Education

At Temple, I support our Textbook Affordability Project, which rewards faculty for using open or library-licensed content in their classes. Most recently, I helped write a guide for the Open Textbook Network on how to edit open textbooks.

Modifying an Open Textbook: What You Need to Know

Digital Humanities

Selected digital projects:
Still Looking for You: A Bethlehem Place + Memory Project
The PACSCL Diaries Project
I Remain: A Digital Archive of Letters, Manuscripts, and Ephemera
A Study in Modern[ist] Urbanism: Planning Vancouver, 1945-1965

National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education: An Assessment

Public Humanities

Selected curatorial work:
Laying Down the Tracks: Lehigh and the Growth of American Education (physical exhibit only)
French Founding Father: Lafayette’s Return to Washington’s America

Selected oral history work:
Veteran’s History Project
Fox Point Community History Project

Hoover-Mason Trestle